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Sea fishing, what you can expect to catch…

So you are thinking to charter a boat… You have found the best charter boat out of Brighton Marina!
For the waters around Brighton the year starts with good pollack fishing on the offshore wrecks in February and March. In April and May, excellent bream fishing can be had on the rocks to sea_fishing_big_catchthe fishing off the Brighton coast west. Mackerel arrive in May and, with them, the inshore wrecking improves, with good catches of cod, pollack, ling and conger eel. June to October also see good catches of bass and bream. In November the whiting arrive as the mackerel leave and the cod move in on the ground. To give an idea of sizes, in the last year we have caught cod to 25 lbs, bass to 16 lbs, pollack to 20 lbs, ling to 26 lbs, conger eels to 75 lbs, thornback ray to 10 lbs, tope to 20 lbs and smoothhound to 15 lb.

sea_fishing_eelThe rule on the boat is that you may only take home fish that you want to eat. The skippers will help with gutting, cleaning and filleting, if required, and can even provide recipe sheets for all the fish commonly caught. All other fish should be returned to the sea in good condition so we can help to conserve our fish stocks.

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