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Ash Scattering

An Alternative form of internment has been the scattering of ashes at sea for generations. Be it for religious beliefs or as a return to nature, for the love of the sea or the wishes of the deceased, there are many reasons for deciding on sea scattering as the final resting place of your loved ones ashes.ash_scattering

Many people whether because of choice or faith decide to scatter the ashes of loved ones at sea. This is a service we offer and carry out with sensitivity and due regard to your wishes. We have found that 1 hour is about right for most peoples requirements.

If you charter our boat out of Brighton Marina we will ensure a safe and comfortable send off for your loved one.

ash scattering flowers.



Rose1-sm We can take a maximum of 12 people and can also cater for wheelchairs. We can also offer a certicate showing the date, time and position of the ash scattering which is signed by the skipper. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A sympathetic ash scattering service is avaliable through Aqua Vitesse, sensitively throughout the year.

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